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London Busker

About London Busker is a journal devoted to the street musicians and London Underground musicians of the London capital.

John is an 'official' London Transport busker. A busker is a street or public entertainer. John plays slide guitar, harmonica, keyboards in addition to doing vocals and songwriting. For some of John's songwriting just follow the links

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Self-DevelopmentPosted by John Vanek Fri, January 02, 2009 12:31:35
The outcomes which are true outcomes. See your way to that which is true. Visualise your goal. See your outcome in your mind's eye. Set strategies. Write things down. Remember the lessons of water. Water finds its own level. Water is clear. Muddy water has more mud in it than water, yet still it flows. It doesn't stop. It continues - not for the sake of the mud, but because it is water and it's just doing its thing.

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