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London Busker

About London Busker is a journal devoted to the street musicians and London Underground musicians of the London capital.

John is an 'official' London Transport busker. A busker is a street or public entertainer. John plays slide guitar, harmonica, keyboards in addition to doing vocals and songwriting. For some of John's songwriting just follow the links

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Be discontent

Self-DevelopmentPosted by John Vanek Sun, February 01, 2009 21:35:40
Be discontent. Be fabulously discontented. Kick against the pricks. Allow no wool to be pulled over your eyes. Review everything. Nothing's written in stone. Overthrow the status quo if what you've got is better. Don't allow others to rule or fool you. Kick against the pricks. Stay ahead of the game. Review the gameplan. Change the game if need be. Intervene. Reshape. Reform. Rebuild.

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