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About London Busker is a journal devoted to the street musicians and London Underground musicians of the London capital.

John is an 'official' London Transport busker. A busker is a street or public entertainer. John plays slide guitar, harmonica, keyboards in addition to doing vocals and songwriting. For some of John's songwriting just follow the links

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The Calibrated Day

Self-DevelopmentPosted by John Vanek Sat, February 14, 2009 13:19:21

Calibrate a perfect day. A perfect day: simply by being aware of the day's majesty. The awe-inspiring wonder of daybreak, the perfection of the rain, the devotion of the leaves, the reverence of the trees, the abiding attention of nature. The wakefulness of the animals, the rhythms of the day, the drama of unfolding, the awesome symphony of sunset and the darkling skies.

Nature can do this, nature can achieve this, a calibration of dynamic perfection, the movements of a drama as it unfolds. Could we ever plan a day as perfect? Could we ever spell out just one plan for one perfect day? Could we ever listen enough, could we ever be attentive enough to understand just something about the elements of putting together a single day? A single day with purposive unity, a single day of serene movement, a single day of achievement? The conductor moves his arms in recognition of the movement of the music, but he didn't write the music. Perhaps we could write the music, learn it, live with it then conduct it to put together the orchestral components that make the music come alive and mean something to ourselves and to others. The periodic table, the table of elements. The science of understanding. The dance of the universe, the pulsating energy beyond sound, beyond silence.

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