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London Busker

About London Busker is a journal devoted to the street musicians and London Underground musicians of the London capital.

John is an 'official' London Transport busker. A busker is a street or public entertainer. John plays slide guitar, harmonica, keyboards in addition to doing vocals and songwriting. For some of John's songwriting just follow the links

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Self-DevelopmentPosted by John Vanek Tue, December 30, 2008 10:55:44

Nightime. Scene from a train window. The train comes to a halt just before Blackfriars Bridge. A view from high up, on the bridge viaduct. Way below, a piece of London earth stripped down to a plot of land, mud, excavation, preparation for steel piles to be driven into the London clay.

What might that plot of land be worth? Millions, maybe billions. Just for a plot of land that's the size of around twenty houses. Someone must own that land. A property developer. Maybe the land was until recently owned by a family, handed down from generation to generation. Someone must own it.

The question is why can't any of us develop a plot of real estate - real estate in any form you care to imagine? We are all the inheritors of real estate in some form or another. It is our human birthright, our inheritance of opportunity. We all have a plot to develop into riches and wealth. And of course riches and wealth mean whatever riches and wealth might mean to any given individual. Royal estate. Believe in your royal estate.

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